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Back brush, long handled, curved bamboo, back scrubber, body washer.

Back Brush, 4 in 1, long curved, for shower and bath

Manufactured from environmentally sound and sustainably cultivated bamboo, and is 100% hypo allergenic.

It will not splinter, crack or break whilst giving your back and the environment something to smile about.

Do you struggle to reach those unreachable places on your back the most neglected part of your body?

With this unique 'wonder brush' you can easily, without any effort, wash your entire back.

The specially designed handle makes it easier to reach all those difficult to reach itchy places.

After drying, just replace the brush, with the included sponge, by removing the brush from the handle.

Its unique interchangeable design makes it very easy to apply your favourite body lotion to your entire back.

Suitable for applying painkilling gel to unreachable areas on your back.

The handle has a convenient hanging cord

Elderly people will love it.

This 4 in 1 brush makes an ideal and practical gift for people of all ages.

Apply lotions, suncare products and ointments to hard-to-reach areas with this versatile lotion applicator.
Your back and other areas will be easily within reach thanks to the long, ergonomic, curved wooden handle and generous applicator head.
The foam head holds onto the lotion and comfortably applies it where you need it, then rinses clean when you're done.

Perfectly priced: R 135.00 excluding VAT

Full length 64cm with head, 53cm handle. Brush head
Sponge head applicator
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