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EeZeeWee . . . Portable Urinal

The revolutionary NEW Multi-purpose urinal.

This unique invention is

  • Internationally Patented
  • International Design Registered
  • Material used is FDA approved
  • In South Africa: BHF & Nappi Coded
  • For Men and Women
  • Compact and convenient to use
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean & sterilize
  • Comfort
  • Affordable


INTENDED USE...When Nature Calls!!


  • The EZW supersedes the bedpan / bottle / catheter for urinary relief of immobilized patients in hospitals or institutions, such as old-age homes.

  • For the patient it is easy and painless, and for the institutions less draining on limited resources, requiring only one person to assist the patient.

  1. Replace Bedpan

  2. Replace Bottle

  3. Replace Catheter Infections

  4. Assist in Staff Shortages

  5. Prevent Staff from injuries

  6. Hygienic

  7. Pregnant Women

  8. Disabled


  • The unit is ideal for urinary sampling with female patients at GPs practices. Devices currently available for sampling are difficult to use and frequently result in spilling, to the obvious embarrassment and discomfort of the patient.

  1. Save Time

  2. Hygienic

Extensively Tested   Price @ R 100.00 each Care Pack

18 months in a hospital.   (excl VAT and shipping) (R 114.00 incl VAT)


Public toilet facilities world-wide have become increasingly unhygienic, and the risk of certain infections when using these facilities are high. The versatile and portable EZW can easily be carried in a cosmetically designed bag for use anywhere and in any situation. And it can safely and easily be disposed of after use.
Some uses:

  • Travel

  • Truck & Busses

  • Small Aircraft

  • Outdoors

  • Camping

  • Fishing

  • Sailing

  • Canoeing

  • Skiing

  • Hiking

  • Public Facilities

Product Description
The EZW consists of four main components

1        The reservoir
2        The rim
3        The plastic tube


The reservoir was designed and tested to be large enough to safely accommodate any rate of urine flow without overflowing.
Monoprene Rim
The rim, moulded in monprene rubber or other suitable material, ensures a comfortable and watertight fit. It is reversible to provide a perfect fit for male and female use, in both an upright or supine position.
The lip is an integral part of the monprene rim, designed to prevent any possible spillage by providing an exact and comfortable fit. The lip shapes the reservoir and was designed in such a way to be effective for both male and female use.
Plastic tube
The plastic tube fits over the reservoir aperture. It can be connected to any type of plastic catheter bag, which is easy to dispose of or which can be kept for sampling of urine specimens for diagnostic purposes. Alternatively, it can drain into any holder, such as a bucket.

1. One Care Pack consist of the following components:
       A 1 Cup
       B 2 Lips
       C 1 Connector
       D 1 Urine Bag

For a free consultation regarding your needs please fill in your contact and enquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: gary@simkul.co.za