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Supply of Backup Power, Panels and Inverters and UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supplies.

DC to AC and AC to DC and UPS Systems

AC INPUT/OUTPUT: 110V -  220V - 230V - 240V

Commercial, Office and Industrial Units

Online UPS HP9116C Series 1-3kVA

Price Unit Only 3kVA (XL - extra length) R 9 999.00 excluding VAT & Freight

Large LCD Display, Wide Input voltage range, Input N/L Inspection function and date line protection, Comprehensive Electrical isolation and bypass protection.

High Frequency Online UPS
HP9116C Series 1-3kVA (1Ph in / 1Ph Out)

Servers, Data-center, critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom…

Key Features:

  • Large LCD Display
  • Wide Input voltage range.
  • Input N/L Inspection function and date line protection.
  • Comprehensive Electrical isolation and bypass protection.
  • Automatic alarm; Self-testing function.
  • Pure high frequency online UPS with voltage regulator circuit, which can provide a perfect power protection when UPS working in a poor surroundings.
  • Input PF correction, reduce the harm of harmonic wave to the power grid, it’s convenient to connect mini type generator.
  • DC start when power off, convenient and reliable; Restart automatically when electricity is restored.

Trendy & Elegant LCD Design for real-time UPS system information:


Servers, Data-center, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom, Computer field, bank system, communications, postal service, power industry, medical treatment field, national defense field, chemical industry, and many other fields. It’s capable in offering solution for various utility power problems…

Rear Panel View & Spec:


Overall Specifications:

(1Ph In/1Ph Out) Online UPS HP9116C Series 6-10KVA

Price Unit Only 6kVA (XL - extra length) R 19 999.00 excluding VAT & Freight


1phase In and 1phase Out ? N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6-20K(up to three units)

High Frequency Online UPS
HP9116C Series 6-10kva (1Ph in/1Ph out)

Servers, Data-center, critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom…

Key Features:

  • Large blue LCD Display
  • Pure sine wave power supply system, with bypass repair switch, It can provide a reliable, high quality AC power source to the precision equipments, can be used widely in different fields.
  • Widely used to computer equipments, telecom munication systems and Industrial automatic control equipments.
  • Truly online design, different from offline, it can adjust the input voltage, filtering, when the AC break off, the UPS will provide an uninterruptible power source from the backup batteries.
  • UPS will change to bypass mode when overloading or inverter fault, when overloading remove, UPS will turn to inverter mode automatically.
  • N+X Parallel Redundancy and Capacity expansion for 6-20K(up to three units)

Trendy & Elegant LCD Design for real-time UPS system information:

This unit will cover a 3 bedroom house with pure sine wave quality backup power!

Office, Domestic and Leisure

Rear Panel & Spec

Overall Specifications:

Power Consumption Aid Table

Electrical appliance                                         Kilowatts
                                     Entertainment and Technology
Lamp bulb 100 watt                                                                     0.100
Lamp bulb 75 watt                                                                       0.075
Lamp bulb 60 watt                                                                       0.060
Lamp bulb 40 watt                                                                       0.040
Lamp bulb Energy saving                                                          0.014
Television including 'Standby'                                                  0.300
VCR machine                                                                                0.035
DVD player                                                                                   0.010
Satellite decoder                                                                          0.075
Hi-fi/music centre                                                                        0.200
Radio                                                                                             0.006
Personal computer                                                                      0.150
Charger for cellphone                                                                 0.010
Telephone Fixed line                                                                   0.040
Refrigerator                                                                                  0.100
Deep freeze Chest                                                                       0.440
Deep freeze Upright                                                                    0.200
Fridge/freezer combination                                                        0.620
Electric stove Small hot plate on high                                      1.500
Electric stove Small hot plate on low                                        0.355
Electric stove Large hot plate on high                                     2.000
Electric stove Large hot plate on low                                       0.500
Electric stove Oven (+/- 200 C)                                                  2.000
Electric frying pan                                                                        1.500
Microwave oven                                                                           2.000
Kettle                                                                                              2.000
Vacuum cleaner                                                                            1.800
Sewing machine                                                                            0.070
Dishwashing machine                                                                 2.700
Washing machine Hot wash                                                      1.000
Washing machine Cold wash                                                     0.500
Tumble dryer                                                                                 3.000
Iron                                                                                                 0.750
Geyser                                                                                            2.500
Electric blanket Maximum setting                                              0.050
Electric blanket Minimum setting                                              0.015
Space heater 3-bars                                                                     3.000
Space heater 1-bar                                                                       1.000
Fan                                                                                                 0.070
Hair dryer                                                                                      0.500
Home security service                                                                0.025
Pump for swimming pool                                                            1.000
Power drill                                                                                     0.250

For a free consultation regarding your needs please fill in your contact and enquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: gary@simkul.co.za