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Pit Latrine Treatment           


A Biological Activator Remedy for a Biological Problem

There are a number of factors which influence the correct functioning of a pit latrine, e.g.. the depth and width of the pit, a high water table in that area, the use of chemicals to control odour etc. and also the use of materials other than toilet paper (cement packets, sticks, stones, etc!) for sanitation purposes.

Bio-Effector is a natural bioremediation product that rapidly promotes microbial activity in anaerobic and aerobic environments. It does not contain any chemicals or additives. In a pit latrine a biological activator ensures the faecal or biological matter is continuously degraded which gives the system a greater capacity to continually receive such waste. Part of the process effectively prevents the generation of unpleasant odours. By-products of the biological process are water (which is readily absorbed into the surrounding soil structure) and gas (primarily methane). Regular use of the product can result in the pit not becoming full and therefore the life of that pit can be extended indefinitely.

The above also answers a possible second query in that, no, it is not a chemical but yes Bio-Effector will ensure that the microbial colonies present in the system will consume the faeces at an accelerated rate.

Uses for this product.

The biological activator is packed in 1Kg packs primarily for the pit latrine and septic/conservancy tank market.

Price structure is as follows:

All Prices exclude VAT and Transport. (South African Rands)


We currently only sell in containers of 1KG. 

Price per Kg is R 1 500.00 ex-VAT and transport.

The advantage of this product is it’s light weight which means that it can be cost effectively shipped via post to any part of the country and overborder/offshore.




- quickly stimulates the microbes in septic tanks and pit toilets to rapidly degrade the sludge,

- is also effective in restoring the function of other types of sewage disposal systems when these become clogged or cease to function as a result of biological dysfunction,

- activates within 60 minutes, and as part of the process it will also effectively prevent the generation of unpleasant odours!

- is non-hazardous and harmless to humans, animals, plant-life and the environment in general.

It will clear unwelcome sludge from your septic tank, pit toilet or other type of sewage disposal system
without expensive draining!



The success of the suggested applications depends on the cleanliness of the containers, bottles, etc. in which Bio-Effector is mixed or stored, i.e. these must be completely free from any chemicals or detergents. It is therefore suggested that new rather than recycled containers be used.

Water is an integral part of the success of Bio-Effector, as it needs water in order to activate. Activation occurs within 60 minutes!

The first general indication that Bio-Effector is working is a reduction of unpleasant odours.

Treatment of smelly outside areas such as paving, lawns, gardens,, courtyards, etc. where dogs or cats (or humans) urinate or defecate:

Soak 25g Bio-Effector in 5 litres cold water for approximately 2 hours or more, stirring frequently. The mixture is ready when most of the solid particles have settled to the bottom of the container. Strain the liquid into a handy 500ml bottle with a trigger spray. Faecal matter should be removed as far as possible before liberally spraying the surface of the affected area. The offending odour should disappear within an hour.

Treatment of smelly urinals, drains, dirt bins, etc.:

Make a mixture as above. Spray liberally onto the surfaces of the affected area.

Please note that Bio-Effector is not an air freshener or a deodoriser, i.e. it is not intended to “clear the air” but rather to remedy the cause or source of the odour. A reduction of odours should also result in a reduction of any flies in the affected area.

There is no substitute for clean, sanitary habits!

Treatment of flush toilets in drought stricken areas or where water restrictions are in force:

Make a mixture as above. Keep the spray bottle handy in the toilet. Spray three to five squirts into the toilet bowl, ensuring that any exposed toilet paper or any other matter is dampened. Keep the toilet lid closed between sittings. In this manner it is possible to use the toilet a number of times (virtually odour free) before it becomes necessary to flush because of the build-up of waste matter and toilet paper in the bowl. The dregs from making this mixture can then also be flushed into the system.

Treatment of septic and conservancy tanks:

A dysfunctional sewage system is usually indicated by either an odorous overflow or some form of smelly seepage, toilets or sinks backing up, or generally just an unhealthy odour in the air.

Bio-Effector will not clear mechanical blockages (tree roots, etc.), these must first be removed. Where blockages are caused by biological matter, these will be degraded by Bio-Effector and the system will be quickly cleared.

In areas where the water table is very high or rains cause a septic tank to overflow, the water will not be removed by Bio-Effector. However, if the system is biologically overloaded or clogged, Bio-Effector will accelerate the degradation of the biological matter thereby increasing the capacity of the system. It will also prevent the generation of unpleasant odours which should result in a reduction of flies which can result in a healthier, more hygienic environment.

Treatment: Because the condition of a conservancy or septic tank is not always visible, it is recommended that the first treatment should be with a 25g dose of Bio-Effector.

Mix the contents of the packet in 5 litres cold water and stir thoroughly. Stand for 15 minutes and then flush down the toilet. Depending on the amount of traffic flow into the system, a repeat of this dosage is recommended every 3 to 6 months.

In between maintenance treatments should be applied every month with a 10g dose of Bio-Effector, mixed with 2 litres of water as described above.

Larger conservancy or septic tanks (such as those designed for holiday resorts, communal houses, flats, hostels, hotels, schools, etc.) will require larger and more frequent doses.

Treatment of pit latrines:

It is recommended that the first treatment should be with a 25g dose of Bio-Effector:

Mix the contents of the packet in 5 litres cold water and stir thoroughly. Stand for 15 minutes and then pour into the toilet. Depending on the amount of traffic flow into the system, a repeat of this dosage is recommended every 1 to 3 months.

Communal or trench pit latrines will require larger and more frequent doses.

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: gary@simkul.co.za