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Fights Fire in Just Seconds!

Extinguish Immediately, Automatically!

See Action Pictures Below!!

The FKO Fire Knock Out is a new and revolutionary fire fighting agent, which is lightweight,
small and easy to use. The product starts working at lightning speed upon contact with fire
- throttling the fire before it has a chance to grow and minimizing follow-up damage. Its low
price point now makes it possible for everyone to effectively protect himself/herself and
his/her possessions from one of the most frightening dangers known to man: FIRE!

  • self-activating
  • easy to use
  • small and lightweight
  • immediate action on contact with fire
  • for fires inside and outside
  • limits significant damage
  • contents are not harmful to people, animals or the environment
  • 5 year guarantee.


The FKO Fire Knock Out is a new and extremely effective fire fighting and rescue agent, which can be used in a large variety of situations, both in a preventive as well as more active mode. Examples include fires in homes, offices, caravans, garages, barns and ships, as well as cattle and storage sheds, petrol stations and forest fires. As the product is self-activating, it is very suitable for quickly fighting fires which start in unguarded areas.

The FKO Fire Knock Out has a special feature: it automatically starts to operate when it comes into contact with open fire and then fights the seat of a fire within a few seconds. The plastic container is filled with a harmless fire extinguishing fluid and activation (powder) material, on which a quick fuse is fitted.

As soon as the fuse comes into contact with open fire, the container splits open. During a short moment all oxygen in and around the seat of the fire is removed, as a result of which the fire is fought immediately.

The fire extinguishing fluid that has been atomised into water vapour cools down the heat source, while the added delaying substances reduce the chance that the seat of a fire will be ignited again to a minimum. All this only takes a few seconds. The plastic residuals that remain after use can be collected easily and can be fully recycled.


The FKO Fire Knock Out is supplied in various versions and models. The most common version is based on a foam basis and suitable for fighting class A fires (solids, usually of organic origin, in general with a glow development), class B fires (fluids or substances becoming fluid) and class C (gaseous) fires. Almost all versions can be used in closed areas and with outside fires.

The FKO Fire Knock Out products are supplied, among others, in a 1.6 and 5.6 packing (and a 24.6 packing for the specific professional market). The first two models are very suitable for mobile use because of their light weight and small size. The 5.6 version has a plastic handle, so that it can be carried easily by the professional user or hung somewhere as prevention.

The 1.6 and 24.6 packing is only for preventive use and must be placed at vulnerable places, where perhaps a fire could develop. When correctly applying the fire extinguishing liquid, the system has no restrictions. A suitable model is available for each type of fire. The packing is hermetically dust-proof and moisture-proof, so that the maintenance is limited to a periodical visual inspection.

Fire Knock Out 1,6 Light






















Mode of Action:

The FKO Fire Knock Out system is rather special, as it automatically launches itself upon contact with fire and then fights the fire within just a few seconds. The plastic container is filled with a special fire fighting liquid and triggering powder, to which a fast fuse is attached.
As soon as the fuse comes into contact with fire, the container bursts open. As a result, for a brief moment in time, all the surrounding oxygen is depleted, causing the fire to immediately be fought. The liquid in the extinguisher, which is transformed into tiny water droplets, cools down the seat of the fire, while the buffer compounds added, reduce the chance of the fire getting started again to an absolute minimum. This whole process lasts only a few seconds, and the plastic debris remaining behind can easily be collected and completely recycled.

Getting close to the seat of a fire is often impossible due to the enormous heat and usually not smart anyway, as goods, which are hidden by quickly developing smoke clouds, may suddenly explode. The low weight of the FKO Fire Knock Out also allows a professional user (fireman, policeman, etc.) to use the product actively, quickly and effectively by rolling or throwing it into the seat of the fire from a safe distance. The quick fuse used has a plastic outer layer and is therefore water resistant. In addition to its own unique and specific properties, the product can also be used very effectively in conjunction with more traditional fire fighting equipment.

Product information:

The FKO Fire Knock Out comes in different types and models. The most common type is based on foam and is able to fight Class A (organic solids, which tend to glow), Class B (liquids or liquefiable solids) and Class C (gasiform) fires. Both types can be used in closed-off spaces as well as for outdoor fires. The FKO Fire Knock Out products can, among other things, be delivered in a 1.6 and 5.6 model (and a 24.6 model, specifically designed for the professional market). Due to their small weight and size, the first two models are very well-suited for mobile use. The 5.6 model has a plastic handle, making it easy to carry around or hang up as a preventive measure. The 1.6 and 24.6 model is intended for preventive use only and should be installed in places where the risk of fire is high. When properly used, the system has no limitations, and there is a suitable product model available for every type of fire. The packaging is hermetically sealed against dust and moisture, limiting maintenance to periodic visual checks.

Fire Knockout 1,6 - in Action:

 Now Only R 870.00 ex-VAT ex-Works



















Fire Knock Out 5,6 Pro - in Action!

Fire Knockout 5,6 Pro: 

Now Only R 1 400.00 ex-VAT ex-Works

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