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The Pulsar Chlorine Dosing System



System Specifications


1. The Sanitation System Pulsar 1 operates in a non pressurised manner to ensure optimum safety and ease of operation


2. A post filter recirculation loop is added to the main pool recirculation system as part of the Pulsar 1 System. The recirculation loop provides the vacuum to evacuate the chlorinated solution.


3. This Sanitation System is N.S.F. listed.


4. The Sanitation System incorporates the principle of "Wave" technology. Water rises in a "wave" from a submerged nozzle on to the grid of the Briquette Tank making contact with Pulsar Plus Dry Chlorinator Briquettes. The briquettes in contact with the water create a chlorinated solution which will falls into the discharge tank. The chlorinated solution is drawn by vacuum from the discharge tank and introduced into the re circulation system. The output operates with a vacuum range between 5" and 29" Hg.


5. The vacuum is created by an Arch Venturi, which is installed in the post filter recirculation loop. The Venturi is installed on the pool’s return line and a valve situated between the inlet and outlet of the Venturi loop is partially closed causing ,a pressure differential thereby establishing flow though the Venturi, which provides the suction on the discharge valve evacuating the discharge tank. An emergency shutoff valve ensures that water flow to the wave nozzles is shut off in the unlikely event that the discharge tank has not emptied properly.


6. The System operates with an inlet water pressure of 2-20 psi. The inlet water is supplied from the pressure in the pool return line.


7. The Briquette Hopper has a capacity of twenty eight (28) pounds of Pulsar Plus Dry Chlorinator Briquettes.


8. The chlorine output is controlled by the inlet flow rate which has an operating range of 0.2 - 1.05 GPM. In addition an ORP controller may be used for more precise control. The inlet flow rate allows a minimum available chlorine (AvCl) output of 0.5 lb/day and will allow a maximum available chlorine (AvCl) output of 28 lbs.! day.


9. The Sanitation System is capable of functioning in temperature between 40° F. and 130°F.


10. The Sanitation System operates with Pulsar Plus Dry Chlorinator Briquettes having 65% minimum available chlorine with a 0.4 to 0.6% scale inhibitor (by weight).


11. The Sanitation must be installed as per the Manufacturer's recommendations (Reference Pulsar 1 Installation Manual). An Authorised Representative is available to install and service the system as required.


12. Manufacturer warrants parts (excluding electrical components) of the Sanitation System free of defects in workmanship and material for 2 years from date of installation.


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