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Loadstrain sets the standard for precision weighing and LOAD CELL calibration through commitment to achieving the highest measurement capability and offering  lowest measurement uncertainties possible. Load Cell Systems & Jack testing, Calibration: Load Cells, Weighing. Process controls, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance.



Crane Weighing; Tension Measuring; Cable Testing & Calibration; Weatherproof; Portable; Within 0.3 % Accurate; Remote Output; Auto Zero; Overload Indicator; High Overload Coefficient > 2:1; Tare Over; Full Range; Display in 1 kg Increments; Safety Factor > 6:1;

Our equipment is not just load testing it's 'intelligent' process control using instrumentation, jack testing calibration, route, mass, pressure transducers, plant design, submersible indicators, our systems record problems like overload and cut to unload, shear beam, cantilever beam, compression canister, rope monitoring, hopper weighing, belt weighers, microprocessor, weigh feeder, silo, tank, hermetically sealed, dual skip loading, conveyor belt blending, regular loads, how often, total loaded, how long maximum exceeded etc.    
Current Promotions: All Prices Exclusive of VAT and transport    
We have several Tension Link units at trade promotional price.

LS 10 ton  Tension Link LC                         @ R 7 500.00

LS 30 ton Tension Link Load cells:             @ R 10 950.00

LS 50 ton Tension Link Load cells:             @ R 30 500.00

LS 100 ton Tension Link Load cells:           @ R 40 500.00




Load Cell Data Cable

Cable Specifications:

Wire cable: 4 and 6 wire cable
Length: 20m or 100m
Low capacity: high capacitive symmetry
According to Benui colour code.

Technical Data: 4 Core & 6 Core
Type:    PRVP 4×97/0.2      PRVP 6×7/0.2
Number of wires 4                          6
Wire colour: Black
Outer diam: 5.2mm±0.02      6.3mm±0.03
Coating material:        PRVP
Wire cross section mm: 0.2
Wire resistance /mm:  = 0.9
Capacity PF/m:            = 80
Screened/shielded:       Yes
Temperature range: -30°C +85°C
[-22 + 185 ]

LoadStrain Price List
All Prices Excluding VAT and Transport/Installation


High Grade Alloy Tension Link Load Cells    

LS-10000                                                  R   7 500.00
LS-30000                                                  R   10 950.00
LS-50000                                                  R 30 500.00
LS-100000                                                R 40 500.00

Safety Pin, Bow Shackle type Load Cell - Custom Build


Rope Clamp Load Cells - Custom Build

Loadcell Data Cable (per metre)

4 Core @ R 35.00/metre

6 Core @ R 39.00/metre

Load Cell Indicators  (Click the blue link left side for specs)    

Adam-GK                                               R  2 980.00
>LS Micro T7 R2 950.00

Rinstrum R320                                        R 6 950.00

Radio Telemetry

LSRF-Master 8                                       R  5 500.00
LSRT-868 (RF Module)                          R  2 900.00


Load Cell Rental

LS 10 ton SS Tension Link Load cell:@ R 1 950.00/day

LS 30 ton Tension Link Load cells:    @ R 2 980/day

LS 50 ton Tension Link Load cells:    @ R 3 680/day

LS 100 ton Tension Link Load cells:  @ R 4 950/day

Load Cell Calibration

1 ton - 5 ton                                            R 2 850.00
6 ton - 10 ton                                          R 2 388.00
12 ton - 15 ton                                        R 3 450.00
20 ton - 25 ton                                        R 3 965.00
30 ton - 50 ton                                        R 4 500.00
55 ton - 100 ton                                      R 4 950.00

Repair and Installation Services (In South Africa)

In House Laboratory Work            R 650.00/hr

On Site Installations                        R 650.00/hr

Travel                                                R    5.00/km

Meals and Accommodation             R 1 500/day per technician



Welcome To The Cutting Edge In Calibration Technology

Meeting the challenges of modern industry and the requirements of international quality standards are core to the Loadstrain Calibration philosophy. We design, manufacture and supply load cells of the highest quality, enabling our customers to carry out measurements to traceable standards. We are committed to sustained growth through continued investment in product development and manufacturing methods.

The Loadstrain Calibration Service Offering is tailored around rigorous manufacturing and test procedures to ensure total quality and unrivalled reliability in the supply, repair and hire of our product range.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, it is essential that measuring equipment and reference standards satisfy the requirements of quality system accreditation. To this end, our laboratory testing is conducted in accordance with the procedures, practices and conditions required, recommended by SANAS and/or its affiliated partners, agencies and organizations.
Loadstrain Calibration have a proprietary range of locally manufactured tension link load cells ranging from 1 – 200 tons.


Product Quality and Standards

Load cells are electro-mechanical transducers that translate force or weight into voltage. This change in voltage produces, in the read-out instrumentation, a repeatable deflection or indication that can be calibrated directly in terms of the load applied to the cell.

Construction of the load cell utilizes all the advantages of bonded foil strain gages. Sealed within the load cell are sets of matched strain gages bonded to a high strength element, machined to close tolerances. The strain gages are electrically connected to form a balanced Wheatstone bridge and additional compensation resistors are added to the circuit for maintaining the accuracy of the bridge over a wide temperature range. The principle of operation depends upon the deflection of the strain gage filament, creating a change in its resistance, thereby unbalancing the bridge circuit. As a result, for a given input voltage, the output voltage of the bridge varies proportionally with the load and the change can be read on appropriate instrumentation. When completed, each load cell is individually tested and calibrated. Each cell must meet or exceed rigid electrical and mechanical performance tests before it is released for service. Also, every cell is proof tested to its full rated capacity, and in most instances, to over its rated capacity.

The Loadstrain has a range of tension link load cells that are locally designed and manufactured. They can be used in crane weighing, tension measuring and cable testing to name but a few uses. The units are portable, come in their own carry cases and are weatherproof. The technical specifications include a greater than 0.3% accuracy level, remote output, auto zeroing, overload indicator, a high overload coefficient and most importantly, a safety factor of 6 : 1.

Standards, equipment, and associated apparatus are suitable for the correct performance of calibrations and tests and are maintained in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025.
The Loadstrain Load cells are manufactured from exotic steel and offer great stability, along with all the inherent advantages of strain gauge devices such as accuracy, reliability, and resolution.


About Services

Loadstrain Calibration sets the standard for precision weights and weight calibration through commitment to achieving the highest measurement capability and offering  lowest measurement uncertainties possible. Today Loadstrain leverages its expertise and commitment to offer Calibration Services that meet all of your measurement and compliance needs.

Loadstrain Calibration maintains strict controls, utilizing the finest calibration equipment available and employs highly trained staff of technicians capable of making precise measurements and monitoring calibration processes. The measurement system is rigorously reviewed.
The Loadstrain Calibration proprietary software verifies the accuracy of each measurement, reduces errors and identifies measurements that fall outside acceptable limits to eliminate the possibility of a suspect calibration. Each step of the calibration process is meticulously documented.
Loadstrain Calibration is a full service and can make adjustments and repairs for many types of calibration devices on request.

Tension Link Loadcells    
Rope Clamp Loadcells    
Bow Shackle & Pin Type Loadcells    

Please fill in your contact and enquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: gary@simkul.co.za